Brian and I got into this business due to a significant mold issue in our life. We lived in a house from
1999 to 2010 that had mold in the attic space that we never knew existed until we were selling our
home. Two owners prior to us remodeled an upstairs bath and vented into the attic space and never
vented outside. 20 years later, it was not a good situation. And it was not a little attic mold. It was scary
and black and in a section of the attic that was hidden away and non-accessible.

Our children suffered the most. My son was 3 months old when we moved into that house, my daughter
was three. To date, they are still not at 100%. I so wish we had known about the issue itself, and all the
health consequences it can cause. Typically, adverse effects are felt by 25% of the population and a few
of us were in that camp. It can’t be helpful to any family who lives in a mold environment for a
significant amount of time. Pure Air would definitely have improved our lives – along with a new roof
and a correctly vented fan.

Now we try to help others. Mold can be in your home, your office, or your school. And if you are one of
the affected, the symptoms range from basic Sinus Issues or Allergies (whether respiratory, like asthma
or skin allergies like eczema, contact dermatitis or hives) to much more challenging symptoms that could
be any of the following (and this is just a partial list):

 Fatigue
 Weakness
 Brain Fog
 Anxiety and Depression
 POTS / dysautonomia
 Headaches
 Static Shocks,
 Metallic taste in the mouth
 Body temperature dysregulation
 Vertigo
 Sensitivity to bright light, electrical shocks, or touch –

You’d be surprised where you can find mold and be totally unaware. Here is a small list:

 Roof leaks and/or Attics in general
 Leaks under sinks – very common
 Tile showers – could be installation errors or issues with grout
 Basements – sump pump failing, foundation or grading issues, window wells, HVAC, or water
heater leaks,
 Crawlspaces
 Appliance leaks – often hard to find
 Windows – old, not installed correctly etc.

Please reach out if you have any questions at all. Helping others with a cost affordable but very effective
way is very important to us. You can also find a list of product recommendations we’ve compiled over the years to help mold sensitive patients.

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