Protocol for Mold Sensitive Patients

It is very important that you take the steps needed to bring your home back into balance and stop the mold exposure.  Then you can begin to heal.

  • Demolition remediation – when needed, demolition or remediation might be required to sufficiently rid your home of mold and harmful mycotoxins. Your technician will let you know whether this should be completed prior to dry fogging. If there is a water leak, it needs to be fixed. If not, mold and mycotoxins will continue to infiltrate your space. The dry fog will help in the short term. Feel free to ask us for a recommendation for a remediator. We do not do this work.
  • Dry Fog – Your technician will provide you with a full-home treatment estimate and available treatment dates. We strongly recommend that you leave all cupboards, closets, and drawers slightly ajar so the dry fog can reach the mold spores wherever they have settled. If demolition and repairs need to be done, Dry Fogging can be used on the back end of the work to ensure all the mold and mycotoxins have been removed from your space. In the majority of cases, this removes the sensitivity to your home and your belongings, and you can begin the process of healing.
  • The Before and After:
    • Carpet cleaning
      • Before we fog your home or workspace, please vacuum all carpets well
      • After treatment but before testing – vacuum all carpets again – and well!
  • Wipe down all horizontal surfaces a few days after the fogging. Any mold spores or mycotoxins that landed will be removed. It’s recommended to use vinegar or cheap grain alcohol. Then you should be good! We can assist here if needed.

Symptoms, Treatments, Suggestions

When living with a mold allergy or Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome (CIRS) caused by Mold or Bacteria that is often found in water-damaged buildings, it is important to ensure the environment where you spend a significant amount of time is conducive to healthy living. It can be your home, your office, or even your child’s school. I’m hoping since you are reading this you have remediated, fogged your space and are looking for follow up resources.

Learning about Mold – I am sorry this was added to your reading list! Check out the following links for a greater understanding of mold and determining your next steps:

  • “Moldy”, a movie by Dave Asprey
  • “Toxic”, a book by Neil Nathan – Purchase here
  • Surving Mold by Ritchie Shoemaker – Purchase here

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